Cambrian Pollen Sprayer 1.5L

Built from quality materials such as stainless steel and robust plastic, you can be assured that our sprayer will be working for you for a long time.  With the specialist nozzle adapted from the original CSP15 Cambrian Pressure Sprayer, this product is lightweight and can be used for specific flowers or to cover a wide area easily.  Ideal for the person at home, hobby gardener and orchardist who wants to pollenate their tomatoes, kiwifruit and any other flowers to achieve maximum yield.

  •     Capacity 1.5 litres

  •     Arthritis friendly design

  •     Ergonomically designed for single-handed trigger operation

  •     Precise trigger control

  •     Fully adjustable spray nozzle

  •     Graduated fluid level

  •     Robust construction