Gardening has been a passion and now a career for me for many years.

I remember helping my Dad plant potatoes in trenches and asking Mum 'what is the name of that plant?'

Growing Potential provides:

- Hanging/Vertical Walls

- Micro Green Kits

- Advice and Consultation

- Garden Management within the New Plymouth area

- Tools for Gardening - Indoor & Out.

Thanks for visiting, keep keen and green - everything has Growing Potential!

See you soon, De.

My Mission

To help and encourage the world to create green spaces big or small.  That is an important part of my job.

I endeavour to encourage recycling, permaculture, organic principles and protection of our environment.

Whether you have a huge property or have a small apartment, you can still grow some greens. sometimes you just have to think outside of the 'Vege Box'.