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  • My wife and I live on a 5400m2 property on the outskirts on New Plymouth. We have a large number of flaxes and agapanthus plants which need constant trimming. I purchased a Niwashi Garden Shark several years ago from Growing Potential NZ Ltd on De-Ann’s recommendation. I have been very satisfied with this quality product. Our flax plants are very large and need constant cutting back. Flax is tough! The shark makes short work of it. Also, once our agapanthus flowers die off, they need to be cut out. Some are quite hard to reach. The advantage with the shark is that you can use the curved blade to reach over and pull the stalk toward you so that you can cut it. It surprises me that after all the work that this tool has done it is still as sharp as the day I bought it.

     I recently purchased a Niwashi Traditional Garden Tool. I am finding this very useful in our vegetable garden. I use it to weed and hoe. It is very robust and beautiful to handle.

    Dealing with De-Anne is a pleasure. She is an experienced horticultural professional who knows her stuff! I can thoroughly recommend her for her service and the quality of the products that she sells.  This is an unsolicited testimonial which I am glad to provide. - Doug Mascull