Ultimate Gardeners Toolset with Secateurs

Great gift idea!

Tool set includes:

  • 1 x Niwashi Grubber - Great for Clay Soils and weeds with long Tap Roots 
  • 1 x Niwashi Shark - Great for slicing Flax, Canna lilies, Ginger, Dietes Iris etc
  • 1 x Niwashi Traditional Tool (Left or Right - please specify) - Weeding, Planting and Tilling the Soil.
  • 1x Diamond Sharpener - Tool Sharpener
  • 1 x FREE Wonder Weeder - Awesome handy tool for hard to get to weeds e.g In between Roses. Weeds in Pavers or reaching up high in the household.
  • Secateurs are Okatsune 103's Bypass, Cutting Capacity up to 20mm
  • Optional Gift Bag